Norm Schnorm

“You’re never going to be normal, are you?”

Those are the very words my father spoke to me as I was heading out to Seattle back in 1985. As I recall, they were in response to his question, “What are you going to do out there?” And my answer, “I don’t know. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

I didn't know "normal" was something to strive for, Dad. I thought but didn't say. Read more about Norm Schnorm


On the Record

“Impeach the bastard!”

I’m all for it.

I hear others say no. We (Democrats) should concentrate on legislation for health, education and welfare: the common weal. Impeachment will be a distraction.

I say I trust those smart and dedicated women who made such a big splash in white the other night at the State of the Union to walk and chew gum at the same time. I trust that they can walk the walk of the campaign while chewing on the testimony that comes before an impeachment inquiry. Read more about On the Record


The Great They

We all know who “They” are. They are the ones in charge. They are the unspecified, who ruin everything we try to do. They have laws we didn’t know existed. They wrote the fine print. They know the detours and where to cut the corners. They have more money, more power, more of everything. And They are all in it together. Read more about The Great They



Uncivil, huh?

There are real people out there comparing mail bombs to citizens confronting their employees (elected officials) in public places. Like they are both equally impolite.

WTAF? No. Alphabet euphemisms won’t do here. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Read more about Uncivil


The Bomb

“I know a lot of liberal, college-educated, intelligent people who voted for Trump,” said a visiting friend last week. (paraphrase)

“They call him The Bomb.”

I knew just what she was talking about. I’ve been thinking something similar.

The question is, will it have been worth it? Read more about The Bomb


The World Is Ending Again

The World as We Know It has ended several times over the eons and across the continents. I can count at least 3 for what we call Western Civ, beginning with William the Conqueror and going on through Christopher Columbus to the First World War. Each time, something (Saxon England, the Middle Ages, and what I might call the Golden Years of pre-Industrial Europe), began to run out of steam and concluded with a thunderclap. Sorry for the mixed metaphors. Lots more on the way. Read more about The World Is Ending Again


The Handmaid’s Tale - A Primer

I’m watching the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, and I encourage everyone who can (it’s on Hulu) to join me.

Here’s the thing: this season spends some time chronicling the first intimations of change in what was, at the beginning, a world we recognize as our own. Suddenly there are more intrusive questions asked, women need a husband’s signature for birth control pills, identification as LGBTQ becomes, not illegal but … problematic. Read more about The Handmaid’s Tale - A Primer