A Corporate World?

A vocal segment of the US seems to have decided that government is, itself, the enemy and must be reduced in size and influence.

Put that together with what I consider to be the most dangerous decision of the Supremes since Dred Scott. The official (no longer to be traced to a mere clerical error) designation of corporations as people. Add on the belief that regulation of said corporations - industries and Wall Street - is inimical to a desperate need for job growth - and we have a recipe for a scenario hitherto reserved to dark science fiction.

In which the corporation, seeing a power vacuum, steps in to provide those things which were formerly the province of government.

Government, shorn of its own power in the public arena, can't help but be even more subservient to corporate power than it now is. Corporations will be happy to support government right out of business.

I don't think there is any way we can currently stop the global expansion of the corporation. With any luck, the mega-corporations might eventually fall of their own weight when people the world over find ways to work around them. But without governments empowered to regulate and contain their abuses, civic life and corporate life will become one and the same.