The Front Man

The Former Guy, as I like to call him, may not have heard of Project 2025, but you can bet your buttons that Project 2025 has heard of him. In fact, I have come to believe that most of the support for TFG by conservative elites is in service to Project 2025. That The Former Guy is, likely without his direct knowledge, merely the Frontman. He is being used, much like a lubricated latex glove on the hand of a proctologist, to insert a middle finger into the bowels of government. Read more about The Front Man


Uncanny Valley

I was a young woman in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember when there were no contraceptives. When abortion was something you got in a back alley and never talked about. When nobody outside of New York or San Francisco had openly gay friends. I didn’t even know if I had secretly gay friends. I didn’t have black friends, either. I was chided in offices if I talked to the ‘help.” And the only black people I encountered in daily life *were* “the help.” Read more about Uncanny Valley


War Makes the World Go Round

It’s like we can’t help ourselves. Wanted to say “they” instead of “we,” but I can’t let myself off the hook that easily. I’ve cheered for “our” side as much as anyone, whether it was King Harold or Ike. Right now I’m cheering for Ukraine. I’m not cheering for Israel, but neither can I bring myself to cheer for Hamas. Somewhere in there I wish all well, but if wishes were horses, etc., etc. Read more about War Makes the World Go Round


Existential Dread

From The Guardian, October 2021: “This year has provided bitter evidence that even current levels of warming are disastrous, with astounding floods in Germany and China, Hades-like fires from Canada to California to Greece and rain, rather than snow, falling for the first time at the summit of a rapidly melting Greenland…A “heat dome” that pulverized previous temperature records in the US’s Pacific northwest and Canada's west coast in June, [killed[ Read more about Existential Dread



The big question presented by the incidence of violence perpetrated by humanity upon itself is: What is the proper response?

This morning, we woke up to another incident of individual violence against neighboring humans. Eighteen people are dead in Lewiston, Maine, because a man with a weapon of war took it into places of camaraderie and commenced slaughter.

Lewiston is not an isolated incident in the United States. Other individuals here and there are even now killing someone else for one reason or another. We will have to let Lewiston stand in for them all. Read more about Violence


What If?

I’m fairly convinced that we will win the 2024 Presidential election. What’s more, I’m very nearly convinced that we will not only win back the House, but we will win back the Senate. In numbers that cannot be denied. Numbers that will very likely be able to pass Build Back Better, as it was originally intended. Maybe even better than that.

What if we do? Read more about What If?


No Place to Run

There is a big patch of brown grass in my yard – southern Wisconsin had no rainfall in June. Otherwise, it is as if we are forgotten by the future. The temperature still averages between 75 and 82 a day, lows in the 60’s at night. Lovely July weather. A little rain in the forecast. However … Read more about No Place to Run


Is Joe Too Old?

That is, is Joe Biden too old to become President once more? Well, if Chuck Grassley (90) wasn’t too old for a red state to vote back in for another six-year term last year (he’ll be 95 when he’s up for re-election), then maybe old Joe’s got a chance. Read more about Is Joe Too Old?


Waking Up

Suppose you lived in a pretty how town with good schools and well-established churches. A local industry that employed nearly everyone who hadn’t already found jobs with the local bakeries and auto shops and various small but relatively prosperous businesses scattered here and there. Your children were healthy, kind and intelligent. With any luck, a few of them were funny. It livened up your day. Most mothers were home all day and a few appreciated that. There was a country club, but even if your parents weren’t members you were friends with kids whose were. Read more about Waking Up