Is Joe Too Old?

That is, is Joe Biden too old to become President once more? Well, if Chuck Grassley (90) wasn’t too old for a red state to vote back in for another six-year term last year (he’ll be 95 when he’s up for re-election), then maybe old Joe’s got a chance. Read more about Is Joe Too Old?


Waking Up

Suppose you lived in a pretty how town with good schools and well-established churches. A local industry that employed nearly everyone who hadn’t already found jobs with the local bakeries and auto shops and various small but relatively prosperous businesses scattered here and there. Your children were healthy, kind and intelligent. With any luck, a few of them were funny. It livened up your day. Most mothers were home all day and a few appreciated that. There was a country club, but even if your parents weren’t members you were friends with kids whose were. Read more about Waking Up


Comfort Ye, My People

These past few years have been putting this country to a test of sorts. On the one hand, the Democratic Party has been all about delivering benefits to the Common Good. On the other hand, the Republican Party has been fighting a rear guard Culture War. Two enormous swathes of the country fighting two completely different battles. And in the most recent clash at ballot boxes across the nation, the country seems to have opted for the Common Good. I was disheartened somewhat by the narrow margins, but not surprised by the results. The Culture Warriors have nothing to offer. Read more about Comfort Ye, My People



Seems as if this entire year has been all about the midterms – when it wasn’t about January 6th and The Former Guy, and even then it turns out to have been all about the midterms. Read more about Midterms


The Mad Persistence of Hope

Hope rears its ugly head once again.

That is a line I have used accompanied by a deep sigh for everything from falling in love to politics, and for very good reason. So rarely does hope live up to its promises.

I was very lucky last week, on a flying trip to Seattle, to have an hour’s conversation with two of my favorite people, one of whom has been known to chide me, online, for being naïve. “Naïve!” I was prone to think. And here I am one of the most skeptical creatures I know. Read more about The Mad Persistence of Hope


States Rights r Rong

Used to be maybe States’ Rights made some sense? Way back in the way back before there were trains, planes and automobiles. Before there was TV even, not to mention the Internet. Way back in the Once Upon a Time when no one knew everybody else’s business and even if they did there didn’t seem to be much they could do about it. Way back then, each State had qualities and laws that seemed to be unique to each one. One state grew cotton, another grew corn. One state mined coal, another mined forests. More to the point, each state almost had their own language. Read more about States Rights r Rong


A Right to Freedom

Liberals have rights. Conservatives have freedom.

At least that’s how it seems sometimes. We insist on our rights to things like abortion, conservatives insist on their freedom to bear arms.

But I want women to have both the right and the freedom to have an abortion, if that is what she needs to ensure her own future plans. And I want freedom from the fear that I could be cut down by an AR-15 in the grocery store. Read more about A Right to Freedom