Colloquey in Red and Blue

This is a conversation I had recently with an old school acquaintance of mine. I cannot find much to quarrel about with his basic policy issues, i.e., border security, but I do not see how Mr. Trump has improved the situation in any significant way other than to create misery for innocent people. We went back and forth twice - his statements, my answers, his answers to me, and my quibbles back again. I haven't heard more from him on any of the subject since, but I hope we are not entirely finished. He is not a hateful person, and not the kind who would simply troll for trolling's sake. Read more about Colloquey in Red and Blue


Born Racist

I was born in 1943 in the City of Los Angeles, U.S.A. to parents of northern European heritage.

I was also born racist.

They say, of course, that no one is born with hate in their hearts, and I certainly was not born with hate in my little heart, but you don’t have to hate anybody to be certifiable as a racist. You only have to be born of European stock into a culture so racist that it was very nearly invisible. Racism was as much a part of my experience from the moment I drew breath as the leaves on the trees. And I was as conscious of it as I was of the facts of botany. Read more about Born Racist


The Killer

Donald Trump won’t be there in the ICU when a doctor removes a ventilator from one coronavirus patient and orders it cleaned and used for another one instead. He won’t be there when that doctor orders a drug cocktail to make the last moments of the first patient’s life more bearable. He won’t be there when that doctor also checks the machines and records that patient’s time of death. Or when the doctor quietly tries to deal with the knowledge that he has just killed one patient to save another. Read more about The Killer


J’Accuse Debates

J’Accuse. I accuse. Originally, an open letter by Émile Zola to the president of the French Republic in defense of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer who had been accused of treason by the French army. Zola was not debating the French Republic – he was accusing them.

So, to the seeming delight of more than a few pundits, were the Democratic presidential candidates in the recent primary “debates.”

I watched the first couple start to finish, when they were all being nice to each other, except for Kamala Harris (my favorite, but not in that first debate*). Read more about J’Accuse Debates


Congress Rising

I didn’t watch the Trial of Trump much. I had already watched over 35 hours of Congressional Hearings and I knew the case for impeachment like the back of my hand. The Republican Senate had already shut down any possibility for more documents or witnesses, so nothing new was likely to arise. Read more about Congress Rising