Who Are We?

“That’s not who we are.” It’s a favorite message of political hope sounded by some of our favorite politicians.

To which I can be heard to mutter, “Except sometimes.”

I’m not the only one. Other folks from my side of the aisle have been popping up all over the place insisting “That” is exactly who we are. Meaning racist, misogynistic, predatory assholes. And have been from the beginning.

To which I can be heard to mutter, “Except sometimes.” Read more about Who Are We?


Norm Schnorm

“You’re never going to be normal, are you?”

Those are the very words my father spoke to me as I was heading out to Seattle back in 1985. As I recall, they were in response to his question, “What are you going to do out there?” And my answer, “I don’t know. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

I didn't know "normal" was something to strive for, Dad. I thought but didn't say. Read more about Norm Schnorm


On the Record

“Impeach the bastard!”

I’m all for it.

I hear others say no. We (Democrats) should concentrate on legislation for health, education and welfare: the common weal. Impeachment will be a distraction.

I say I trust those smart and dedicated women who made such a big splash in white the other night at the State of the Union to walk and chew gum at the same time. I trust that they can walk the walk of the campaign while chewing on the testimony that comes before an impeachment inquiry. Read more about On the Record