The Killer

Donald Trump won’t be there in the ICU when a doctor removes a ventilator from one coronavirus patient and orders it cleaned and used for another one instead. He won’t be there when that doctor orders a drug cocktail to make the last moments of the first patient’s life more bearable. He won’t be there when that doctor also checks the machines and records that patient’s time of death. Or when the doctor quietly tries to deal with the knowledge that he has just killed one patient to save another.

I hope someone is there to remind that doctor that it was not he who killed that patient.

It was Donald Trump.

When asked on April 2 if the federal government would make sure NY had enough ventilators his answer was No. Followed by a lecture on why they didn't deserve them. They should have their own stockpiles, he said. As they reach the apex in NYC remember what the President said. Not that they would try...he just said no.

Donald Trump is a killer.

History will, as time wears on, eventually count all the victims of the Trump years – and here I’m talking about deaths, not those merely harmed. There are deaths resulting from nearly every policy he has taken, from immigration to environmental protection. Every one of them has been weaponized by this man in one way or another. And that’s not even counting the hurricanes and earthquake that hit Puerto Rico.

But the big one. The supernuke. The one he didn’t even see coming. Until someone finally turned his head directly into the wind and made him see it. And then he saw much more than a killer virus. He saw, as only he could see, an opportunity.

And so New Yorkers will die. More Floridians will live, and they will know who to thank because he will tell them. Maybe the ventilators and PPE’s that do not reach New York or Detroit or Chicago or Milwaukee will eventually reach Louisiana and Alabama and even Texas. Especially Texas.

Is he really saving them for the Trump voters? No one can prove that, but nothing would surprise me at this point. And I won’t begrudge them. It’s not their fault. It’s not their fault that more New Yorkers could have been saved before sending those ventilators on to them.

It’s Donald Trump’s fault. Because he just doesn’t see any odds in his favor if he saves another New Yorker.

Yes. Coronavirus is the actual killer here. But it’s being wielded by an even bigger one. And his numbers are still going up.