A Poem for Boxing Day

Lady On the Church Steps

I had seen her before in the spring and summer
The homeless lady sitting on the church steps
She would ask for help from people going into the church
She mostly was given spare change and occasionally a dollar or two
No matter how small the amount given, she would give a genuine smile and say thank you

The last time I saw her was a December around Christmas
It was very cold and she was shivering in a tattered, light weight, coat
She began to walk toward me and I could see that she was very frail.
I hurried to her. I was afraid that her legs might fail
Seeing her that way, the terrible reality of her suffering, struck me to the core
I gave her all the money that I had with me that day
She was surprised and said I want to give you a gift.
I will tell you my real name.

Realizing this was the only thing of real value that she had left, I hesitated.
She smiled, hugged me, and then whispered Linda into my ear.
After that day, I never saw her again and couldn’t find out what happened to her.
But, I will never forget Linda and her most perfect Christmas gift.

Dedicated to Linda

Copyright © Warren Doll | Year Posted 2018