Thanks to a Facebook friend of mine, I’m trying out Audible for the first time. I wasn’t certain that I could get into it, just listening. Not fiction, anyway. I have discs of lectures on Beowulf and Chaucer and Medieval Europe and other pertinent subjects that I have listened to in the car and on walks, but fiction I always assumed would demand my full attention not always available driving or walking.

And yet now, listening to a spy novel (not generally my chosen genre) by one Mick Herron and read by an Englishcritter named Gerard Doyle. I listen to a chapter every day, sitting at my desk, staring with rapt attention at a computer screen showing nothing but my link. The novel is Slow Horses, and it has convinced me not only that I can listen to fiction on Audible, I can also enjoy a spy novel now and then. Like maybe a little more Mick Herron. On Kindle. After I finish the last Expanse novel and catch up on Cornwell, of course. One has one’s priorities.

p.s. During the research for this piece, I discovered the delightful news that this particular novel is coming out as a series starring Gary Oldman on Apple TV beginning some time this year. You can be certain I will keep my ears pricked.