Awash in NGB's

I'm spending Mondays cheating like hell - if I think of a whole new topic to write about, I'll spend the next two hours doing it, and there goes the day. And I'm giving a mega-party in less than two weeks. So these are pieces from a little blog I had on Blogspot once upon a time and which may have been read by two, maybe three people. As this one may be as well. I was taking pieces at random from a folder of stuff I saved (I actually have them labelled by year). This was 1985:

Letter from Linda, doing time in the Women's Prison in Waupun, WI for helping her no-good boyfriend in a heroin deal. I still have the police report on their bust. Mighty glad I was saving heroin for my old age. Which is approaching. Still, think I'll wait another year or 5 or 10. I mean, I just quit smoking cigarettes a year ago, a little too soon to start on heroin, doncha think?

Anyway, the police report was informative at the time for its assessment of other drugs her no good boyfriend had in his possession, including some speed, which turned out to be bunk, and my (now) ex-boyfriend, who had actually bought some, was vindicated in his own private assessment.

Linda was just there when the undercover guy insisted on heroin, even though both she and the no-good boyfriend told him there wasn't anything worth getting in town, and when the ngb went to pick it up, she was driving, so here she is doing three years in prison. Taking a cosmetology exam. Taking a semester of college courses. Getting ready for a "family reintegration furlough" which is "8 days away."

I went to see her twice, I believe. She tells me, "Take care and stay in one piece. Gotta have you in one piece when I get out!" I had told her about my ngb banging my head on the ground. I left for the left coast in the fall, and don't think I saw her again. We lost touch. I hope she made it. #

The following barely bears repeating, but it must be done in the interest of full disclosure:

Good god on a bicycle. Two receipts from the Brown County Sheriff's Office. I actually paid a total of $388.50 bond for this guy I was going with - one of the good bad guys, to be sure, but still and all....not exactly the love of my life or anything like that. This is the guy of the Jack Daniels incident, mentioned below, which has cost me more money in the ensuing years by way of chiropractor therapy for the neck he used to bang my head into the ground when I said I was leaving town. Twenty years later, I make a similar mistake. One should never assume that a college education actually makes anybody any smarter! #