For Vicki, Wherever You Are

Last Monday was 1978. Moving ahead a couple of years, I believe I am in Seattle for the first time, receiving a card from my friend Vicki - a beautiful card, dated 2.26.80 - with a wonderful picture of a woman in a clown suite, wearing a green hat, and a face composed of the night sky, also reflected around her, but with a rainbow in the center. She holds a mask of a beautiful woman's face. The card reads, "If you're afraid of the dark...remember the night rainbow."

Vicki was the most stylish woman I knew in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was a very singular woman, and I felt lucky to count her as a close acquaintance, not to mention the possibility of actual friendship. I admired her so much. She looked like she should be CEO of some very successful company, dressing in vintage clothing that she always made look like the very latest thing, and very uniquely her own at the same time. She wrote in the card about dancing, both teaching and doing. Dance was what she wanted to do most in the world.

I saw her again a year or so later when I was back in Green Bay to pick up a car, I think. That's another story. I went to a wedding reception for somebody I don't remember and she was there. She had joined the army. I didn't get a chance to talk with her for long. I haven't heard from her since. I hope she found someplace to dance.