Happy 1270th, Charlie!

It's Charlemagne's birthday.

Just a few factoids.

His father was Pepin the Short, but I bet he never called him Shorty.

He couldn't read very well, but the promotion of learning in his time is called the Carolingian Renaissance.

He never learned to write, but Carolingian Minuscule is one of the grandfathers of our own handwriting today.

He fought the usual lot of wars, as well, and could almost be said to be the Father of the European Union, except that his kids started fighting over it and one could argue that those quarrels have charted the course of Western Civ ever since.

Yeah, he force fed Christianity to the pagans but, thanks to the influence of Alcuin, eventually rescinded the death penalty for backsliders.

I watched the season premier of Game of Thrones last night. George R.R. Martin has based his fantasy series as much as possible on the realities of actual medieval life. 'Twern't pretty, McGee. Given the realities of the times, I'd say Charle deserves all the magne he's been given.

So, for being a light in the dark ages, where many other lights had gone out, I say Happy Birthday, Charlie.