Yesterday, when I met my friend Brian at the University Bookstore Cafe, I plopped my pastry and chai on the table, sat down, and said, "Good morning. What should we do about Syria?"

"Drop a bomb on top of Assad," he said, with a genial smile. Brian is an unsentimental sort.

I've been on both sides of this question ever since news of the chemical attack flew over the transom. Last night Chris Hayes laid out his take, explaining why he opposes whatever retaliation the President and the military have planned. And I thought okay, that makes sense. I'm with Chris.

Then this morning's NYT had this piece by Nicholas Kristof arguing for said retaliation. And I kinda agree with him.

You don't get more emblematic of the equivocation within the liberal community, not to mention my own head, than the Chris/Kristof split. Syria has given us a genuine crowd-sourced headache.

I guess I've decided that Mr. Hayes has the better argument, because now I even find myself hoping that the Tea Party House sticks to its "oppose Obama no matter what" guns and denies the retaliation strike.

I kinda wonder if President Obama isn't counting on that too.