More Material

Another Monday, another old letter. Readers of will recognize bits and pieces of this:

Linda was the first person I visited in prison. Not that I made a career out of it. I think I visited an NGB (no-good-boyfriend), and then my friend Kevin, but that story comes much later on. I didn't even know Linda very well. She was the girlfriend of a guy who was a brother to a very good friend of ours (my boyfriend and me). We never liked him. He was into hard drugs - heroin, dilaudid. He had a scam running with the local dentists where he'd visit the dentist with his honestly terrible horrible very bad teeth, get a scrip for a pain killer (dilaudid), make an appointment to get the teeth fixed, and never show up. He'd go from dentist to dentist this way, until he was blacklisted with nearly every dentist in northeastern Wisconsin.

Linda was a sweet pretty waitress who did the drugs too, but was basically a very nice person. It's possible that prison was the best thing that ever happened to her, although I really hate saying things like that when I've only been a visitor. What the hell do I know about what it was like or what she could have done for herself without it. Anyway, her NGB would go so far as to show my boyfriend naked pictures of her and try to arrange for a swap, which basically would have caused me to stick my finger down my throat and say "gag me with a spoon" if that phrase were available then. Don't remember when it first came on the scene. My not nearly as bad NGB wouldn't go for it.

And here's a matchbook from O'Shea's in Sheboygan, WI. Must be a biker bar. One side reads Ride to Live, Live to Ride, printed around a winged skull. I don't remember partying in Sheboygan.