My Take

A little fantasy: Yes, indeed, Iran is lying her head off about her nuclear capability so far and actually has a couple of little bombs stashed away in the cupboard. So now she can pretend to accede to the demands (without making it sound too easy), get all the sanctions removed, and then proceed to behave like a reasonable country with an educated and prosperous citizenry, including women, and we'll just never know. Of course they will continue to have "Death to Israel" and "Death to the Great Satan" days, but that's just an excuse to have a good time which will grow old after a while and new excuses will be found. Nuclear Treaty Day, perhaps. And they will remain the one Middle Eastern country not rubbled out.

Why do people talk about Hillary Clinton, and even Bill, as if they born with silver spoons in their mouths? Hillary grew up in a middle class household and Bill came from an even lower rung on the ladder of success. Chelsea was, perhaps, fed with a silver spoon, but her parents weren't. And they might be a ruling family, but they aren't a dynasty yet. Maybe if Chelsea runs for office. There won't be a true dynasty, to my picky mind, until President Charlotte takes the oath of office.

Why does the United States continue to behave like a Middle School Valley Girl? Cuba has a revolution against a dictator, nationalizes U.S. owned industries, and asks for our help. We are miffed off and tell them we aren't speaking to them anymore, so they turn their lonely eyes to Moscow. Fifty years later, we're still acting like "oh, no, you din't!" and blackballing them from all of our parties. Then we have a dust-up with Iran and all these years later it's still all "I'm never speaking to you again" and telling our friends that if they do, they can't come to our parties either. So there.

And lastly, my daughter had a thought the other day: I think conspiracy theorists are kind of like people who always say that god works in mysterious ways? They can't understand why bad things happen to good people, so they find someone to pin it on. The Great God Them.