Mystery Quotes

This from the archives. And now that I read it over, I'm thinking that the quote below could only have been written by HST. So why did some guy named Ed Meece write it down on a scrap of paper, and why do I still have it 30 years on?

"I have no idea who wrote the following. 'Twasn't me. Could be a fella name of Ed Meece, whose name sounds vaguely familar and which actually appears at the bottom of the second little tiny sheet of note paper on which was written the following:

'...that you thought was a g. of Columbian Jungle Snow but was actually shaved bits off your connection's corvette. The Doctor approaches and begins to extract the "cola". He's seen the symptoms before and asks, "How did this happen?" At this point you remove your container of bullshit ("aw shit, he's on to me! think quick) and apply generously where needed. "...and then Doc, and this is the funny part, the three Arabs see my nose sticking out of the rough on the 17th hole and putted their new experimental fiber glass ball into it. How was I to know it was an assassination attempt? But when it exploded I inhaled as hard as I could.'

This is sometime between 1979 and 1985, remember. Peculiarly timely."