Paper Airplanes

Years ago, when I so wanted to write but had no idea of how to go about getting anyone to read it, I conjured up a little fantasy.

If it came down to it, if I had enough that I wanted to say and nowhere to say it, I would write it down, a paragraph at a time, on sheets of paper, climb to the top of the Empire State Building, and sail them into the world in the form of paper airplanes.

I've become somewhat adept at constructing paragraphs that say what I want them to say, but I never really mastered the art of the paper airplane.

Luckily for me, Al Gore invented the internet and my friends at Dungeness Communications helped me design Barbara's Bookhouse.

I sometimes imagine the Bookhouse perched atop the Empire State Building where, once a day, I construct another paragraph or two or more and sail them away to the world.

And who knows what will become of them now?