Path Untrodden

In the Wayback Machine, there's a letter postmarked 11 Aug 1979, Oakland, CA on Amtrak stationary - from someone named Danny Biggs -

As adventuresome travellers are wont to do, we met at a pub/disco in London last February for a fleeting moment (Trafalgar's club on King's Road, I think). I'll be in Wisconsin during the last 2 weeks of September. Shall I look you up?

Now I wish I had answered. I don't remember him. I remember meeting a couple of English guys in a pub who claimed to be in rock 'n' roll. One of them said he would meet me at the airport when I left - that he had a surprise for me. I looked for him at the airport, but never saw him. However, someone else said that Elvis Costello was there, they'd seen him walking through the airport. I wasn't an Elvis Costello fan and wouldn't have known Elvis Costello if he stepped on me, and my pub friend certainly wasn't him, but later I thought perhaps he was in the entourage - a roadie or something. Maybe a side man. Did Danny Biggs ever work with Elvis Costello?

Did I blow my only chance to marry an Englishman?