Political Shorts

It's the last week of 2011, and who wants to think about politics? Can't we have a little vacation? Next year is coming soon enough.

So - no lectures. No links. Nothing really to think about. Just a few one-liners.

Nukes in Iran? Treat them like a grown up country and maybe they'll act like one.

Iraq - really? Nobody saw this coming? Fortify the embassy walls, the Baathists will rise again. (sorry, that one was two lines)

Afghanistan and Africa - Forget terrorism. I'm in it for the women.

U.N. flag at half mast for KJI? It's customary for dead leaders. Get over it.

BRIC countries? Yay! Go for it!

U.S. politics - requires future essays, but right now it gives me a headache.

U.S. economy - ditto.

Ron Paul - a rat in squirrel's clothing.

Newt Gingrinch - an intellectual's idiot.

Disappointed in Obama? I'm disappointed in you.

What few people realize about politics - rhetoric is easy. Meetings are hard.

Happy New Year. Get some rest.