Political Snippets

I have to offer here three little snippets from my Facebook page only because I have a lot of editing to do today and no time to think up anything fresh. So here 'tis.

My debt ceiling/deficit solution: (a) let elapse the Bush tax cuts on the richiest rich - I'd compromise on a mil and up; (b) raise the taxable maximum on Social Security; and (that's *and*, not *or*) (c) pass a new regulation stipulating that Medicare coverage be denied to "tenmillionaires" unless their annual medical bills exceed 1/10 of their annual income.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." FDR. I am coming to believe that fear is the operative enemy of the 21st century. The horrible events in Norway (Lutheran terrorists??!) nail down my argument.

Government starts at home: Take out the trash, clean the living room, shovel the driveway. Goes to town: Pick up the trash, clean the park, fill the potholes. Goes to state: Deal with the trash, clean up the rivers, repair the roads. On to the country: fund innovation to deal with solid waste, clean the air and water, build high speed rail.