Remember Iraq?

In April of 2003 I was looking for an analogy to explain why the Iraqi people weren't out in the streets hurling rosebuds at our troops:

"Okay, so I was having this little vision last night, when I heard that there are a preponderance of Americans who think the Iraqis are ungrateful to us for coming in to bring them freedom, and I was thinking, well, if I were a woman with three kids and an abusive husband, but I was dealing with it the best I knew how, and I was thinking of ways to get myself and my children out of there, but it just wasn't possible yet, and someone else decided that I had had enough, and that they would come and save me (but they had really heard that someone was going to put a mini-mall where my house is, and that the property would be worth a small fortune, if only they could get their hands on it cheap) and - I know, I know - there should be a period in here somewhere - but it doesn't feel right, so I'll just start a new paragraph to break things up a bit

"they come in with guns, chase my abusive husband all over the house, firing at him, and killing one of my children and maiming another one in the process, and somehow my husband escapes through the basement and someone puts a hole in a propane tank we have stored down there and then sits down to light a cigarette and wonder where he could have gotten to, blowing himself and my house to smithereens in the contemplative process, so that now I am alone with no visible means of support, one dead child, one maimed and one traumatized beyond all hope, no roof over my head, and all the priceless antiques inherited from my family burned to ashes...

"I am now free... "