Rimshots 1

Rimshots 1, because there might be a Rimshots 2 in the future. Bouncing off the headlines from the 02/07/13 New York Times.

U.S. Increases Pressure of Economic War on Tehran
When I was a teenager, my father told me - told all six of us, actually - that if we did not smoke or drink before we were 21, that he would give us $1000 each. None of us got the money. I have vegetarian friends who like to talk to me about the evils of meat and the wonders of vegetables. They always make me want a cheeseburger. Just sayin'.

Congress to See Memo Backing Drone Attacks on Americans
I don't know that this will result in anything more than elected officials throwing spitballs at each other and sticking pigtails in the ink wells. But we can hope that eventually some sort of brake will be applied to the war powers act.

Trying to Stem Losses, Post Office Seeks to End Saturday Letter Delivery
Frankly, I think there's a darker agenda hidden behind this one than there is behind the drones. Or maybe I'm just pissed off about the dismantling of my 2-Movie-Per-Week Netflix schedule.