Settling In

It’s four months since I rode into Madison with my son in a Rav 4 full of belongings. Almost four months since the Pod arrived in my new driveway with the rest of ‘em. I think I'm beginning to settle in.

Things I Like

My House:.

There’s a fireplace in the living room, and all my favorite LR furniture and artwork are right at home there.
The kitchen has white cabinets and appliances, including a side-by-side fridge/freezer. Spacious and homey, it is.
My office accommodates my big oak desk for work, a table for jigsaw puzzles, and a table for other projects, whenever I get around to them, with my captain’s chair swiveling between them all.. My third novel, A Dream of Houses, has gone up on Kindle from here, and has just today been sent to my paperback publisher, 3rd Place Press. I could wish the window had a view of the back yard instead of my neighbor’s back door, but quibble, quibble.
My bedroom is just the right size for everything from the bed to small bookshelves to the TV, and has a ceiling fan.
I hope somebody will feel the same way about the back bedroom when I get the bed frame put together and advertise for a house buddy.
The bathroom is two steps from both bedrooms and the office.
There’s a washer and dryer in the basement. The steps down are carpeted, with a railing. It’s cool enough in summer to iron down there, the only time I iron anything anyway.
There’s a garage with an automatic door. My car comes in at night with me.

Musing Monsters – My new writing group.
Woodman’s Grocery, where a full bag costs me $35, not $75.
University of Wisconsin Medical Center, where they took me in like a long-lost child.

Things I Don't Like

Madison Streets: Even in town, it’s hard to make out a grid. Mostly that’s because Madison grew up around small lakes and even the arterials bend around them. I’m in a semi-suburb, where the streets are laid out, on purpose, like wet spaghetti thrown against a wall. Four months in, my Garmin is still my best friend. Sorry, Alexa.

Summer Heat: Granted, it’s not Phoenix, but all the same …

The Horizon: No mountains.