Summery Summary

It's been a long summer, folks. Longer and summerier than usual for Seattle. This picture, published in mid-July (by which time, in my experience, summer in Seattle is usually about a week old) pretty much sums it up.

I would be happier with it if I hadn't gone and broken my leg back in May. There I was, all set to walk the summer and a bit of extra weight off - had 1/2 hour lectures on Ancient History and a few on the history of London to take me through. But no, it was air boot and wheelie chair for me. And instead of dropping a few pounds ... well, nevermind.

What I did accomplish was putting the finishing touches on my second novel, Ghosts of the Heart, currently available on Kindle here or through the tunnel pictured above on the right, where you can also find pictures that chronicle Sophie's journey as you read along.

But now it's September, there's one last rose in the garden, and last year's Christmas tree is almost ready to slice into firewood. I'm going back to yoga and poetry of a morning and the walkperson is all fired up with History of the Ancient World, A Global Perspective. I'm thinking about fairy tales and tarot and short stories. And a novel I hope to start in the New Year.

But, as I said, it's September. This year's autumn begins. Carry it on.