Tarot Stories

Tarot cards might or might not tell the future, but they always tell a story. In fact, you could write a fairly decent short story with the Celtic Cross spread alone.

Take the one I just laid out. The Two of Cups - This story begins as a romance. The Hermit - the heroine is an introspective sort, likes to spend time alone. (I use an extra card in the center for more definition.) The Five of Wands - this romance will be complicated by competition. My heroine had best crawl out of her shell.

This could be difficult. The Hanged Man unlies the entire enterprise. My heroine is often suspended in time, waiting for events to overtake her. The Queen of Cups - she has too much empathy for all concerned. It is very difficult for her to hurt anyone's feelings. But the Nine of Cups shows that she very much wants her dreams to come true. What will this take?

The Knight of Pentacles suggests that she will have to take a firm stand sometime soon. Come out of her shell. Show that she can do what she needs to do to get the job done. The Empress. She'll have to be creative to get through this one. Firm, but she can't be mean about it. Somehow she'll have to get what she wants by caring for all concerned. The Knight of Swords - her actions are misunderstood, what she meant as loving care might be taken as condescension. The Ten of Pentacles has her caught on the brink of having or losing it all.

We turn over the last card for the end of the story. It's the Nine of Wands. She is wounded, but erecting her defenses. I'm afraid that she might not get all she wants, but she is stronger for it. Perhaps The Hermit has won out for a while after all. But I don't think she's giving up just yet.