The Age of Thanos

Trump goes to a NATO meeting and tells off the Secretary General of NATO, over breakfast. The next day he comes out and claims victory for things the Obama administration had already accomplished, giving a back handed “you’re welcome” to his European confederates for thank you’s he claims to have received. No European leader admits to having thanked him for anything.

The next day, Trump gives an interview to the Sun in which he says that Boris Johnson, who has just resigned from Prime Minister May’s cabinet, would make a great Prime Minister himself, and claims that he told PM May how to Brexit, but she wouldn’t listen to him. Then he had dinner with her, and at the joint press conference he said the Sun was Fake News (it’s on tape).

On the same day (apparently going for a record of enormities), in response to a Mueller investigation indictment of Russian GRU agents, he calls Putin a competitor, not an enemy, and continues to call the investigation a witch hunt. I’m hoping that British witches are gathering in the New Forest even now to caste the curse of the ages upon him as he goes to his little Findlandia tryst. I mean, after all this, what else can you call it?

The Trump administration has separated something like 3,000 children from their parents at the U.S./Mexican border. A court has ordered them reunited with their parents, starting with the youngest. However, the parents of 19 of these have already been deported and the administration is making the claim that they have no duty to reunite these children – actually, that they don’t have to reunite families if they don’t want to.

Then these two gems just flew over the transom: No More Guidelines and Don't Hug Your Brother.

We aren’t even two years in yet, and already there is a catalog of enormities that in the future will run to volumes of reportage and analysis.

It’s all just a bit too much.

Lately the political climate feels like a balloon about to burst, but at this point I don’t know if it will go with a boom or a fzzzzt. That is, will the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation land explosively or will it frip away into the night sky like a farting firecracker?

Given the faces of the goblins currently occupying Republican seats in the House of Representatives, I can only assume that, far from impeaching a President, they will, instead, call Mueller upon the carpet to cast ridiculous aspersions upon him and his team. And when M & Co. hold their ground with the same firm dignity as did Strzok, they will be hounded unto death and dishonor, with a Supreme Court to say them yea.

Because so far, few of even my most favored pundits in the media sphere are unwilling to call it as it is, in case no one but Fox News ends up allowed in the White House Briefing Room. What it is, is the disgrace and degradation of the American character, dream, promise, ideal, declaration of independence, constitution and the statue of liberty. Etc.

What it means is that the lights are going out all over the world, and the Age of Thanos has indeed begun. It isn’t a good sign when Supervillains from the Marvel Universe take mortal shape. Even as metaphors.