The Ex

I've got this ex-boyfriend who used to steal money out of my wallet and, when I caught him, used to tell me it was my fault, because he asked me for it but I said no.

And he was telling the truth. He would sometimes ask me for money and I would say no. Because I knew what he wanted it for (we won't go into that now, but you can have your little theories).

There were also times when he didn't ask me. He just took it.

At those times, his excuse would be that he knew that if he asked me, I would say no, so he had no choice. He had to go ahead and just take it. So it was my fault.

Recent press conferences with the House Republicans are giving me unpleasant flashbacks to times long (thank all the deities that were ever imagined) gone. The 80 members of the Tea Party Caucus, demanding that the Affordable Care Act be trashed before the nation can continue to function, are snatching vital services from people who depend upon them.

And now they are saying that it's our fault. Because we told them no. And they're right. We are telling them no. So it's our fault.

And the sooner they can be thrown out of the House the better. I want to see the prefix "ex" in front of all of their names.