The Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, while not quite as old as the ancient spice trade that passed through Istanbul for centuries before and since, is still pretty old. 1660 old. And if the spice moguls of today do most of their ordering over the internet, well, too bad for them. I'll take the Spice Bazaar any day.

Come on in.

Hanging herbs, apple tea, and Turkish delight. Pistachio Delight. Ah, how I miss you.
2SpiceMarket.jpg 4TurkishDelight.jpg
Feeling less than spicy? Or a bit under the weather? Might I suggest some Viagra Delight? Or perhaps a bit of leeching. You're a long way from a 7-11 now.
3TurkishDelight.jpg 5GitcherLeechesRightHere.jpg