It's gonna be a tough year commenting on politics. I already know all the people I'm gonna vote for. All the people running against each other in order to be able to run against them are people whose opinions do less than interest me.

I just ran into a spot of trouble on Facebook with the statement that Iowa had chosen the "least icky" of the current slate of Republican candidates - only to be slammed to the floor by people who had actually knew the positions taken by Mr. Santorum.

I was going on superficial appearances only - I assumed that the content was damaged, given where he was and why. I don't have the stomach to listen to these people. I will click on a link to an article, but if it's a video where they speak, I forgo the exercise.

This goes entirely against the grain of my ideal image of myself - as outlined in a piece I did earlier on diversity of opinion. Sad to say, I fall short of my own expectations.

Taking a cue from Master Li, (), let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara Stoner and there is a flaw in my character.