The Truth About Trollope

The truth about Anthony Trollope, 1815 to 1882, is that he is so remarkably current.

I just finished reading . Here is an excerpt from a discussion of some radical legislation dealing with Irish tenant right:

"Such a debate...will make men think. But no - think is too high a word., as a rule men don't think. But it will make them believe that there is something in it. Many who before regarded legislation on the subject as chimerical, will not fancy that it is only dangerous, or perhaps not more than difficult. And so in time it will come to be looked on as among the things possible, then among the things probably, - and so at last it will be ranged in the list of those few measures which the country requires as being absolutely needed. That is the way in which public opinion is made."

Ok, ok. So it's not riveting in any modern sense. Maybe some day the writer of will rewrite Phineas Finn, making this monologue take place in bed with gay vampires.

I like it just the way it is. Although you can't really go wrong with vampires.