Uncivil, huh?

There are real people out there comparing mail bombs to citizens confronting their employees (elected officials) in public places. Like they are both equally impolite.

WTAF? No. Alphabet euphemisms won’t do here. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

A story that got lost in the attempted massacre of Democrats is the crazed guy thinking he could get away with just outright killing black people, killed a couple, reassured white bystanders that he would never kill them, and was somehow prevented from entering a black church to continue his mission. Not a civil thing to do, fella. Downright bad-mannered.

Then came Saturday the 27th of October, 2018. A gunman entered a synagogue and started shooting. When he was done, 11 people were dead. One of them had survived the Holocaust. One might go so far as to call the shooter churlish.

We have an election coming up on the 6th of November. I can’t be the only one worried about this continued round of incivility. I’ve even heard that Republicans are worried that Democrats might show up at the polls armed and ready to prevent them from voting. It takes one to know one, I’m thinking. Will the Proud Boys be there to protect their peeps or will some come armed and ready for anything? Will they later claim that someone was so verbally oafish that the situation demanded a trenchant retaliation?

Who knows anymore?

I’m 75 (and a half), and I will be going to the polls on November 6th armed with my own pen for filling in ovals, and maybe a list of endorsed candidates from Pod Save America. I suggest everyone else do the same. It’s more than our civil right. It’s our civic duty. It’s the highest form of civil discourse. We’ll be hiring a few new employees. Let’s be civil about it. A modest Kevlar vest wouldn’t hurt anything, either.