Waiting Games

Well, it’s been a week. I went to the grocery store on Monday and detected a flubby sound on the way. In the parking lot, I discovered a tire as flat as a snail’s foot. Snailed it a block over to Discount Tire with a sack full of groceries (might as well go ahead and shop), only to be told that if they pumped it up in that condition it could explode. So I waited until a mechanic was free to change it. Sudoku on my phone.

Meanwhile, at home, my monitor had been exhibiting a goofy trick of floating an inaccessible settings bar in the middle of my screen that I couldn’t remove, so I had been patiently working around it. Waiting for it to go away. It didn’t.

So I called my old buddy the computer guru to come take a look at it, and while I waited for him to show up, I continued patiently working around it.

He came and told me I needed a new monitor, so off to Best Buy and by another little magic trick, this complaint is now visible on my new 32” screen.

But wait! He also volunteered to both air clean my computer and change out the memory card, after which my computer refused to run. I think it was just confused, but the guru was having none of it and ordered everybody out of the room. I decided to escape his meltdown by retreating to the living room and wait it out while watching another episode of The Further Adventures of the Pretty People with the housebuddy.

The guru was last seen heading for the door with my computer in hand, snapping, “It’s dead.”

That was on Friday. Luckily, I have an Asus netbook which has graciously condescended to receive my Lucelucy mail, but can’t quite see it’s way clear to send same or to access a browser. The Chromebook lives online, but it isn’t set up for the Lucelucy account. Neither is my tablet, but I can get the address from the Asus, type it into the tablet, and voila. E-mail.

My daughter’s partner connected the Chromebook to the new monitor, so there’s that.

I’m considering my options, but I have to wait until Monday to make any decisions. I also have to wait until I have PC abilities back to access the Work in Progress. So the novel will have to wait.

I don’t wait well, but so long as I have books, Secrets of the Past, and access to FB, I can stumble through. At least there’s Walking Dead tonight. And Discount Tire fixed everything fo’ free. And if push comes to shove, I think I can manage a new computer.

I can’t wait.