West Forest

On Monday morning, the 16th of October, 2017, my third novel, A Dream of Houses, will be available on Kindle.
This is one of the houses I grew up in, and the one I remember most vividly. I had to share a bedroom - and bed - with my little sister, and we didn't really like each other. The windows on the right were ours. My favorite place was the mulberry tree that grew over the fence in the backyard, where I spent hour after hour reading and dreaming and devouring juicy mulberries in season. I spent my teen years in this house, so they were not always happy years. I don't believe a happy teenager does now or ever has existed. Still, there was a front porch swing, and a screened in back porch shaded by a pear tree. There were 8 of us, six kids, and we were quite enough, but we were never a partridge family.
West Forest.jpg