What Were We Thinking?


1. Russia snaps up the Crimea and messes with Ukraine, includes collateral damage of Malaysian Flight #MH17.

Russia has 17,098,242 (Crimea not included) square km and a population of 143,900,000 (not including Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol). You put on a great little Olympic show - just think what you could do with that much room and that many people participating. You could have worked wonders! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????

2. Israel/Hamas

Both of you. Stop it. Stop it right now. People are trying to live their lives. They have things to do, places to go, and people to see. Rubble does not a homeland make. You're playing beach volleyball with explosives, and nobody's winning. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????


Even a cursory glance at history will show you that attempts to reduce the population to one myopic worldview inevitably ends in failure. See Inquisition, Soviet Union, and the Thousand Year Reich. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????

4. Police Officers Killing Unarmed Black Men

There is not a single instance in the 4 examples cited here that could not have been avoided. And there were many more examples. Caught on video. The whole world is seeing what you did there. What is it about "protect and serve" that hasn't been adequately explained to you? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

5. Republicans Win Midterms

The party that was founded by the likes of Abraham Lincoln has become the political great-grandchild of the Know-Nothings. Many members of which actually know little or nothing. And we voted them in. WHAT WERE WE THINKING????