Lines from a Life I

There is rain moving in
From the north and west,
And the wind coming up with
Threat and thunder.

Wet air comes, blowing sweet and cool
Across my cheek, a wonder of a sky-blown river.

What's left of bright and blue slips down the southeast sky,
Some scattered pearl drops spot the porch around my feet,
And I'll have to turn the lights on in the house
When I go back inside.

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Happiness Was

I was perfectly happy once. I know because I wrote it down. I was 34 years old in 1977, had two children in whom I was very well pleased, and lived in a house on a farm that I loved. My possibilities seemed endless with no pressure to become anything but other than what I was becoming. Read more about Happiness Was

Mother Love

I think, but I don't remember, that this piece of writing is entirely fiction. That is, I don't remember hearing it from my grandfather or anyone else, for that matter. I was working on a story based on a vague memory of my great grandmother's funeral. This piece didn't make it into the story, but I must have been thinking about including it. The names are all the same as my great aunts and uncles - or mostly, anyway. And I might have heard a story about a Lutheran minister refusing to confirm a group of kids that had gone square dancing. Read more about Mother Love

The Fam II


Upper Right: Three grand nephews
Lower Left: Father, daughter, granddaughter
Top Center: Nephew
Upper Left: Niece and Partner
Center Left: Two Sisters-in-Law
Lower Right: Niece and Partner
And in the Very Center: My Daughter and Nephew-in-Law Victor

And that's just the immediate family that made it to Chicago in June of 2021

I'm so in love with them all! Read more about The Fam II

Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Assad’s guaranteed election victory in Syria shows how badly U.S. policy has failed.

That was the header of a newpaper piece – WaPo or NYT, I forget which – written in the last week or so, and it made me wonder, not only about Syria, but also about Palestine. Palestine and Ukraine, Iran and Afghanistan, Israel and Belarus, Russia, China, Taiwan – the world at large and everything that is going awry with it.

And my question was: What in the hell can we do about it? About any of it? Read more about Whatcha Gonna Do About It?


Take Your Change

Changing clothes is a pain in the neck. I mean, I’m already wearing clothes but they won’t do for whatever else is on the itinerary. So I have to pick out an “outfit,” take the clothes I’ve got on off. All the way off. Put the new clothes on. And off I go. Yeah, I know. Easy peasy. Still, a pain in the neck. Why can’t I go everywhere in sweatpants and tee-shirts? Why do I have to change? Read more about Take Your Change


I love snow. I love it literally and metaphorically.

I love watching it fall past the window. I love the way it makes sharp edges soft and square shapes round. I love the way the wind sculpts it into dunes that rise like soft meringue against the houses, the foothills created when the snowplow passes, rising against the tree trunks like little glaciers.

Snow is an adventure. Read more about Snow