Two ships


Back in 2005 when I made my first driving tour of England, an item on my itinerary was the shipyards at Southhampton, from which both Mayflower and Titanic sailed. One made it. One didn't. Nearby is a column dedicated to the first ship. Read more about Two ships

Great Scot!

It's Friday. Important issues have consumed our week and will consume them in the days to come. But take a little breather for just a moment. Spend some time at Abbotsford, just south of Edinburgh. Sit on a bench by the river and let the rest of the world go by. It will still be there when we return.

You might want to take a little book. Try this one: . Read more about Great Scot!

Sur le Pont

One friend of mine is currently in Paris en route home from the island of Rhodes. Another is heading to Europe for a month - and knowing him that will include several art museums in France .

I spent a week in France one year. One of those precious days was earmarked for Avignon. I wanted to dance on the bridge. Read more about Sur le Pont