Sur le Pont

One friend of mine is currently in Paris en route home from the island of Rhodes. Another is heading to Europe for a month - and knowing him that will include several art museums in France .

I spent a week in France one year. One of those precious days was earmarked for Avignon. I wanted to dance on the bridge. Read more about Sur le Pont


More than one way to catch a fox. Turning my posting process inside out this week. I promised a companion piece to my friend Sarajane this morning, and then couldn't get Facebook to upload it. And no wonder. It was HUGE. Read more about Foxy


“And they always find in archeology ‘a series of small walls.’ Every time, a series of small walls. Everywhere you go. ‘We’ve found a series of small walls, we’re very excited…’ “ Eddy Izzard

Read more about Troia


Who isn't following Downton Abbey this season? Who won't be following Mad Men over the coming months? I am. Aren't you?

Much has been written about the popularity of these series, but most of them focus on the obvious. On costumes and titles and houses and money and how much in love we all are with them. Read more about Transitions


I've long maintained that if we were to forget the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads - forget Moses and Jesus and Mohammed and Krishna, the Buddha and the Bodhi Tree - it would not matter in the long run. There would always be a story. If we didn't remember one, we would make one up. Read more about Bull!