More than one way to catch a fox. Turning my posting process inside out this week. I promised a companion piece to my friend Sarajane this morning, and then couldn't get Facebook to upload it. And no wonder. It was HUGE. Read more about Foxy


“And they always find in archeology ‘a series of small walls.’ Every time, a series of small walls. Everywhere you go. ‘We’ve found a series of small walls, we’re very excited…’ “ Eddy Izzard

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Who isn't following Downton Abbey this season? Who won't be following Mad Men over the coming months? I am. Aren't you?

Much has been written about the popularity of these series, but most of them focus on the obvious. On costumes and titles and houses and money and how much in love we all are with them. Read more about Transitions


I've long maintained that if we were to forget the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads - forget Moses and Jesus and Mohammed and Krishna, the Buddha and the Bodhi Tree - it would not matter in the long run. There would always be a story. If we didn't remember one, we would make one up. Read more about Bull!

Home for Christmas

Going home for Christmas? My son is coming. This house was never home to him, but I'm here and so is his sister, and so he is, indeed, coming home. He visits here once every year or two, but this will be the first time in years that he has spent Christmas with us. Which makes it a journey for both of us.

Welcome home, son. Welcome home, everyone.

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Tree Time

I'm one of those counter-culture curmudgeons who still insists on buying (not going to the woods and chopping down) a Christmas tree. I don't get a live one - there's already a forest in my back yard. I haven't gone in for the artificial ones, although some of my best aging hippie friends have done so. I suspect they are in it for the art part.

But I have a passion for colorful Christmas tree ornaments, the twinkle of fairy lights, and the sharp tang of evergreen in the air and so, in what I regard as true pagan fashion, I sacrifice one tree a year to the gods of the renewal of light. Read more about Tree Time

Scottish Right of Way

I grabbed the camera just in time - but barely just. The point of this photo is that little squib of yellow-green vest disappearing around the curve just ahead of the blue lorry. That is one of two bicyclists leading the way down a mountain road on the Isle of Skye.

Nobody so much as honked.

The bicycles pulled off to the side of the road a mile or so later on - but I'm not certain it wasn't just to enjoy the view. Their fellow travelers didn't seem to require them to get out of the way. But I could be wrong about that. Read more about Scottish Right of Way