Winter 2018

Stuff I’m watching and reading, because I know you all want to know.


Winter Olympics: Because I like to watch people doing stuff in snow. Rooting for the Nigerian bobsled team, the Mongolians, and whoever wins one of those Iron Person extravaganzas.

Victoria: Because I’m a sucker for fictional British history and because it stars a Dr. Who Companion. Read more about Winter 2018


How a Novel

gets written. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing today. Not a whole novel, but editing one I’ve already finished. My third. It’s almost ready for its close-up. There are just a very few more lines to double-check. I’ll have it done before close of business tomorrow. Read more about How a Novel


White Trash

One of the stories I sometimes tell involves a date, one date, I went on back in 1968, He was a black photographer with NBC news that I had met at an Operation Breadbasket meeting. I was in my early 20’s, and dumb as they come. We were chatting politely over dinner about this and that, when he said something about how white folks were always making themselves out to be the descendants of some kind of European royalty. Read more about White Trash