White Trash

One of the stories I sometimes tell involves a date, one date, I went on back in 1968, He was a black photographer with NBC news that I had met at an Operation Breadbasket meeting. I was in my early 20’s, and dumb as they come. We were chatting politely over dinner about this and that, when he said something about how white folks were always making themselves out to be the descendants of some kind of European royalty. Read more about White Trash


Reluctant Empire

Once upon a time, I worked in the public relations office of Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History for a couple of years. One of my favorite dioramas featured two taxidermied lions -the infamous Man-Eaters of Tsavo. These lions killed and consumed anywhere from 30 to over 100 workers during the construction of the railway bridge over the Tsavo River on the Mombasa/Nairobi/Lake Victoria route built in the late 19th century. Read more about Reluctant Empire


A Pair of Queens

On a day when I hope we elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president of the United States, I thought I’d talk about a couple of books I finished recently – one a female ruler of an ancient state, the other a femme fatale of the imagination. Read more about A Pair of Queens