Character Studies

“Why make that guy a hero?” “More irresponsible behavior?” “She cooks too much.”

Those are just a few of the comments I have gotten over the years on the characters I choose to portray in fiction. The problem is, I don’t just make people up. I put real people into my stories. They aren’t perfect. They don’t make what other folks might call good decisions. Sometimes they cook.. Read more about Character Studies



In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
In fourteen hundred and ninety-one, half the world didn’t even see us coming.
In two thousand and twenty-one, half of us didn’t see the other half coming.
Yeah. I see relevancies there. Read more about 1491


A Prologue

Writers' groups will all tell you that everybody hates a prologue. I still like this one from my second novel, Ghosts of the Heart:

Gavin Hudson narrowed his eyes against the glare of the sun. He could never quite accustom himself to the brightness of the overworld. Still, he'd been waiting for this moment for some time. She was back. He was certain of it. This time, the ascent would be worth the effort. Read more about A Prologue


An Old Story

I didn't know his first name until much later, when the problem of Santos had been solved for all of us except Santos, who would carry the problem of himself wherever he went, most lately to somewhere out in Montana. Read more about An Old Story


Varieties of Diversion

In any other era, we might be burning the witches who brought the plague, expelling the Jews who poisoned the wells, or clearing the miasma. This last theory – that bad air brought disease – was not dispelled until 1880 or so, replaced by the germ theory, but it was probably the most salubrious, not to mention humane, of them all.

In the 21st Century Covid-19 pandemic, however, we have mostly been left to our own devices – and thank all the powers that be, we have plenty of devices. Read more about Varieties of Diversion


Becoming Europe

“The Bulgarians had actually oscillated quite markedly over the years from enthusiastic pro-Germanism to ultra-Slavophilism. Neither served them well. As a local commentator remarked at the time, Bulgaria always chooses the wrong card … and slams it on the table!" Read more about Becoming Europe