What's Fair?

The next topic on Haidt's list is Fairness. What's fair, what's not? Who gets how much and why? Should our life choices be determined by our level of competence? What if we are incompetent? Or, more to the point, what if we are incompetent in those things society currently values most? For which they are willing to put out the most recompense? Do those who work hardest deserve the most money?

Do we - should we - all get what's coming to us? Read more about What's Fair?


Who Cares?

There must be stages of caring, like there are for grieving.

Stage 1: Oh you poor thing.
Stage 2: Here, have a banana. Or would you rather have this $50.
Stage 3: I’ve got some numbers for you to call. Have you tried acupuncture?
Stage 4: (pretend you’re not home)
Stage 5: Pay me to care.

There’s been some discussion lately about the differences between Conservatives and Liberals when it comes to values such as caring. Who cares more? About what? And how? Read more about Who Cares?


Thucydides Redux

A couple of days ago, I made the claim that the ancient Greek historian, Thucydides, would be able to appear on Fareed Zakaria GPS - hell, even Charlie Rose - and be right in the swing of things in no time.

Thought I would use today to give you a sampling of quotes from :

For the love of gain would reconcile the weaker to the dominion of the stronger, and the possession of capital enabled the more powerful to reduce the smaller cities to subjection. Book I, 1.8
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