Love's Labours Lost

Even I was struck a little dumb listening to President Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. Over-reaching much? I had to ask myself.

Job creation via infrastructure upgrades?
Raising the minimum wage?
Fairness for women?
Getting cars and trucks off of oil?
Path to citizenship for undocumented workers?
Talks with Iran?
Gun safety legislation?
Pre-school for all children?

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I just had one of those frustrating conversations with an acquaintance of mine who blew in here to ask if he could borrow my handtruck to help a mutual friend move. I had been trying to think of something to say in this space today, but I had left the TV on in the other room and he, noticing a story, started railing about "journalism today."

"Manti Teo," he said. "Who cares?" I said. "But don't you see that they are just filling time with the topic of the day?" he said. "Of course," I said. "That's what they do."

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The Cut-Bank

So, we've talked ourselves off of the ledge and life may go on for a while, but we aren't out of the slough of geographical idiomatic despond as yet. There's still a ceiling overhead, and just like Alice, we really aren't certain what pill makes us larger and what pill makes us small.

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What I Want For Christmas

Readers. I would love to have readers for Christmas. And since I don't have time today to write a new incredibly thoughtful column on Politics, I'm going to cheat and remind you of some I've written this past year. My Christmas present, should you choose to give me one, would be reading one or more of these (you can wait until Boxing Day, I will understand) and then letting me have it. Call me another of the daughters of Satan or that you recognize my brilliance. Either one or somewhere in the middle will do nicely. As long as you mean what you say. Read more about What I Want For Christmas