Falling Into the Well

This week, a guest appearance from my Facebook friend, Scott Wilson, who also tries to illuminate the realities behind the rhetoric:

Take it away, Scott:

Combined with the austerity approach to the terrible economic mess we still seem to be in and the asinine legislation popping up at state levels, the recent increased vocals from inconvenienced, poor, put upon billionaires trend is really beginning to annoy me.....

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Wrecking That Train

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Resisting Change

Change you can believe in. That was President Barack Obama's promise to the nation.

I don't want my America to change, she wrote. Those may not be the exact words she used - I can't find the quote right now - but it's close enough. They were written at the end of a Facebook comment by a woman who lives further to the right along the spectrum of American politics than I do - much further. Read more about Resisting Change