"Sophie remained on Silbury Hill – the surrounding countryside didn’t look much different, except for the rough track where the highway would one day run – but she had no idea of the year. There was no sign of another living thing anywhere to be seen. Except. Someone held her hand." Ghosts of the Heart, Chapter 41

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From the Wall

Ghosts of the Heart, Chapter 35

They walked to the wall and leaned against it. Beyond them stretched the Northumbrian moors. Sophie caressed the ancient stones under her hands, thinking of the work gangs who had placed them there and the Roman soldiers who had paced back and forth on this very hilltop, keeping watch for howling blue-daubed hordes descending out of the north.
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Ghosts of the Heart, Chapter 30

Back in her room, she pushed back the gauzy curtain and opened the window to the night air. All shapes and sizes of chimney pots on the rooftops of Ambleside stood out in black relief against a star-struck sky. Somewhere out there the shade of her father might be still in deep conversation with William Wordsworth.
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