Jeremy Bentham

I went to England for the first time on a school trip in 1979, accompanied by two of my favorite professors. I was a bit older than the average student at the time, and had the privilege of hanging out with the professorial babysitters from time to time. One of my favorite excursions with them was the hunt for Jeremy Bentham. Read more about Jeremy Bentham

Statues of London

It's always worthwhile to peek around the corners in London. I peeked around the corner of Westminster Palace (Parliament) and found Emmeline Pankhurst. Of course, I think her statue should be handcuffed to the iron gates that surround Westminster, reminding us all of what women went through to gain suffrage. You do not put Emmeline in a corner! Read more about Statues of London

The New Globe

Some lucky fellow is trodding the boards at the Globe Theatre of London. The new Globe, that is. A replica. I would have loved to have seen a play, but there was no time in the schedule, plus I could only afford to join the Groundlings. After walking halfway around London, I didn't think my feet could take it.
7globetheatre.jpg_0.jpg Read more about The New Globe

Bedford Square

This is Bedford Square, just a hop and a skip from my hotel in London and another hop or so from the British Museum. It's a private little place, surrounded by wrought iron, entered only by an iron gate which seems to remain locked. Not even the Duke of Bedford seems able to enjoy it, even though he's only a block away on a pedestal with a pigeon on his head.

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